Food Shopping Guidance Service - Canberra region

We take the uncertainty out of your Japanese food shopping, so that you can simply focus on your Japanese cooking adventures...

  • Not sure what is inside those packages at Japanese grocery shops or how to use them?

  • Frustrated by inadequate and incomplete English labelling on imported Japanese food items?

  • Don't know which varieties of miso, soy sauce, mirin and konbu to buy for the dish you will be cooking

  • Concerned about the quality of Japanese ingredients you can buy in Australia?

  • Worried about what food additives and allergens lurk in manufactured Japanese food items?

  • Do you wish you could shop with confidence for healthy, safe and good-quality Japanese ingredients and transform them into delicious food?

  • Want to know how you can substitute the hard-to-get ingredients with commonly available ingredients?

We offer assistance in guiding you through your Japanese food shopping, so that you can be confident in what you are buying for your Japanese cooking. Our guide can personally accompany you to a Japanese or Asian groceries store, and provide detailed explanations of food items and suggestions for your specific requirements. (We are not affiliated with any food manufacturers or retailers, and provide completely impartial advice based on our own experience.) Our guide is a Japanese-born Australia, fully bilingual in Japanese and English, with over 20 years of accumulated knowledge of the Japanese food culture. As a PhD-qualified environmental and earth scientist, he is an advocate of safe and healthy eating, and supports the activities of primary producers and food artisans in regional Japan and Australia leading the way in environmentally sustainable food production. Please enquire via the enquiry form at the bottom of this page.