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  • Japanese food education classes: NEXT CLASSES IN CANBERRA DURING MAY 2019. Learn about the 'real' Japanese food culture beyond those popular dishes. Includes cooking demos and hands-on lessons.

  • Japanese cultural awareness training: Ideal for business and leisure travellers to Japan, and those receiving Japanese visitors in Australia. Break down cultural barriers and enjoy stress-free travel to Japan.

  • Japanese document translation services: A wide range of materials professionally translated, specialising in scientific documents.

Select your personal Japanese journey:


Guided private and small group tours to non-mainstream regional and rural Japanese destinations. Cultural, food, traditional crafts, environmental and history tours, mountain trekking and country walking tours, rural village stays and eco-tours, and self-guided itineraries.


Canberra and Melbourne areas only. Discover the 'real' Japanese food culture beyond those popular dishes through our food education classes, food shopping guidance and artisan food tours. Learn about traditional ingredients, food preparation techniques including healthy fermented foods, and practical recipes you can use at home.


Cultural awareness training for those visiting Japan or hosting Japanese visitors. Face-to-face sessions and manuals that will boost your confidence in interacting with Japanese people, and avoid those awkward cultural pinch-points


Japanese-English and English-Japanese translations and proof-reading of documents, presentations and promotional materials. Specialist translation services for scientific research (particularly earth and natural sciences, archaeology) available.


Melbourne and Canberra areas only. Garden design, landscaping and maintenance services with a Japanese touch, Japanese-style gardens using Australian native plants, sustainable gardens based on traditional Japanese concepts, horticultural advice and more


Purchase traditional Japanese textiles, ceramics and other craft items and directly support craft artisans in regional Japan


Handy travel guides, photographic compilations, greeting cards and much more!

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