Private home-based cooking classes - Canberra & Melbourne

Learn to cook ‘real’ Japanese food as the ordinary Japanese have for countless generations—in the familiar surroundings of your own kitchen!

Bring our food education class into your home kitchen, and have fun learning with your family and friends! You will receive personalised instruction that can be customised for your particular requirements. Learn to cook in your own home authentic and healthy traditional and contemporary regional Japanese recipes beyond those popular dishes. Master time-honoured food preparation techniques, including a range of fermentation and preservation methods, that will add a refreshingly new and healthy dimension to your daily meals. Get great practical ideas that can be applied to your local ingredients to create creative Japanese-influenced 'fusion' cuisine. Tap into ancient wisdom to get the most out of your ingredients and minimise food wastage. 

We service most of Canberra/Queanbeyan and eastern/northern Melbourne areas. Class costs vary according to the number of attendees and class content. Fees typically start around $120/person for a 3 hour class and we offer discounts for bookings of 3 or more persons. A call-out fee may be required if you are in areas outside of our usual service area. Please use the enquiry form via the button below, or e-mail for further information.