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Experience Japan during 2020 in your own way... and away from the Olympics crowds

by Takehiko 'Riko' Hashimoto, 22 September 2019

Autumn in the northern Tohoku wilderness


End of winter in the Kyushu countryside

With the Tokyo Olympics being held in July and August, 2020 is set to break all records in terms of visitor numbers to Japan. The positive economic effect of this tourism boom, however, will also be accompanied by unprecedented crowding at mainstream tourist destinations within Japan. The good news is that you can still have an authentic Japanese experience well away from the tourist crowds in many regional and rural areas... where the economic benefits of tourism are most needed. With an increasing number of visitors discovering the 'off-the-beaten-track' destinations in the Japanese countryside, local knowledge is becoming crucial in finding locations where you can truly be away from other tourists. At Deeply Regional Japan, we use our local knowledge and personal travel experiences to craft unique Japan experiences that no other tour operators can offer. Apart from our pre-packaged itineraries, we customise tours to tailor for your specific requirements, so that your travel experience is 'just right' for you. All our tours are personally guided by us (no subcontracting) in small groups. Our tours directly support individuals, community groups and small businesses in regional Japan that are contributing to the survival of traditions and cultural heritage into the future—in areas that face immense challenges from aging, depopulation, economic hardships and natural disasters. 


Expressions of interest are now taken for tours during early May to early July 2020 and early October to mid-December 2020. Please visit for our pre-packaged itineraries, or enquire for your own customised Japan experience using the form at the bottom of the page, thank you!


Unwinding over locally grown tea in a mountain village


Wild azaleas on a volcanic peak

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