An ancient tradition for your modern lifestyle...

The Japanese garden tradition has a history spanning over 1700 years. Incorporating influences derived from the prehistoric Jōmon culture, ancient Chinese and Korean civilisations, and Zen Buddhism, the Japanese developed a truly unique garden tradition that is based on the concept of harmony with nature—whether it be a grand imperial garden recreating natural landscapes or quaint farmhouse gardens that recreate a thriving miniature ecosystem.


We, at Deeply Regional Japan, believe that the Japanese garden tradition offers concepts that can be applied to Australian home gardens—however large or small—to create an environment that is beautiful, calming, productive and eco-friendly. Whether it’s a brand-new garden or an established garden in need of a fresh look, we can design the perfect Japanese-influenced garden for you, from classic Zen and courtyard gardens to edible-ornamental and Australian native gardens—but with a Japanese twist. Through our designs, we encourage eco-friendly gardening through onsite recycling of organic matter and reuse of existing materials—which also saves you money.

We offer our garden construction and maintenance services—based on time-honoured Japanese traditions as well as the best of modern science—in Canberra region, and seasonally in Melbourne and Sydney areas. We can also provide some of our services (e.g. design, advice) remotely for other areas of Australia. With our university research-level environmental science expertise and decades of horticultural experience, we provide reliable advice on plant selection and garden care, which most ‘landscaping’ professionals do not (unfortunately).


If you are after a garden with a real difference, please contact us via the enquiry form below. We look forward to being part of your garden journey.