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Cultural awareness advice - online

Feel confident on your next trip to Japan or welcoming your Japanese visitors, and break down the cultural barriers...

  • Going to Japan but unsure about the customs and etiquettes?

  • Want to give the best impression to your Japanese business contacts?

  • Afraid of not 'doing the right thing' with your Japanese visitors?

  • Unsure about finding your way around Japan on your next trip?

  • Don't know what to expect using public transport in Japan?

  • Bewildered by all those dishes at Japanese meals and don't know what to do?

We offer Japanese cultural awareness advice for all situations and requirements, business or leisure. Our advisor is a Japanese native with over 30 years of experience living and working in Australia, who fully understands the cultural 'pinch-points' for Australians visiting Japan, or interacting with the Japanese. We provide instructions on general customs and etiquettes, business culture and manners, and useful Japanese phrases. We also provide destination-specific travel advice and route-finding directions for visitors to Japan. With our meticulous attention to detail, you can be confident on your next visit to Japan, or when welcoming Japanese guests to Australia. 


We can provide online training sessions via Zoom or telephone. We also provide a range of handy online manuals and guides that you can refer to after the session. Costs vary according to the type of training and number of attendees. Fees start from $45/hour/person and we offer discounts for bookings with more than 2 persons. Please enquire for rates, specifying the type of training you require, via the button below or by e-mailing .

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