Why our tours?
  • Unique experiences: We specialise in destinations in regional Japan that are ‘off the beaten track’ for international travellers. Many destinations featured in our tours are difficult to access for international travellers without Japanese language skills. Some of our accommodation options are privately or community operated, and not web visible or agency listed. Our tours include visits to small craft workshops and food artisans that we have become acquainted with only through local connections. In most places, you will not be sharing your experience with large numbers of other tourists. Your travel experience will be truly unique.

  • Authentic cultural and local experiences: Our tours provide more interactions with ordinary Japanese people, in their daily lives and in a more traditional setting. You will have the opportunity to learn about their local traditions and lifestyles. You will witness a living culture that is embedded in their original intended context. Your travel experience will be authentic.

  • Holistic understanding of environment, culture and history: Our tours provide an in-depth insight into Japan's rich natural environment, and a holistic understanding of how and why the cultural traditions and history you experience during your tour relate to the environment.

  • Supporting local communities and the environment: We support local communities and small businesses in regional Japan through direct-sourcing of goods and services wherever possible. We always strive to provide the best value for your money, but do not undercut our providers through unfair discounting. We prioritise regions that would most benefit from the positive economic effects of responsible tourism. We strive to reduce our impact on the natural environment by maximising the use of public transport, and supporting businesses and projects that promote environmental sustainability. Our tours directly support a number of ecotourism and rural-revitalisation initiatives in regional Japan.

  • Small private groups: We would like your tour to feel like your own private trip, and your tour leader to be your private guide—without having to organise anything yourself. Our tours are conducted in small groups of 2–6 persons to ensure that you each receive personalised service. Our preference is for individual groups composed of families and/or friends so that you can enjoy your travel among familiar faces.

  • Personally and expertly guided tours: All our tours are personally guided by our principal tour leader who can provide expert commentary during your tour, based on his authentic Japanese cultural background and extensive research experience. Your tour leader is fully responsible for planning your tour and will be at your service at all times during the tour. We do not subcontract any part of our tour guiding to a third-party operator based in Japan, Australia or elsewhere.

  • Truly multicultural guidance: Your principal tour leader is a native speaker of both English and Japanese (with a working knowledge of German and French). Your tour will be conducted in clear, plain and correct English without a hard-to-understand accent. Your tour leader fully understands the cultural requirements of Australian and other Western travellers, as well as Japanese customs and etiquette, and will ensure that your travel experience will be as comfortable as possible.

  • Full service: We provide full service to organise and run all on-ground aspects of your tour with us during its duration, including transport, accommodation, meals, tour guidance and information material. We use our extensive travel experience and local knowledge to ensure that your tour runs as smoothly as possible, sparing you any uncertainty or stress that may arise with unfamiliarity. All you have to do is to come along!

  • Personally tested destinations: All destinations, attractions, eating options and accommodation in our regular tour itineraries have been personally ‘road-tested’ by the tour leader from the viewpoint of a non-Japanese traveller. In this way, we minimise the potential for unwelcome surprises.

  • A variety to suit tastes and requirements: Our tours include a range of themes, sights and experiences that should appeal to a wide range of people. We offer options for active travellers such as alpine and wilderness hiking and short-distance cycle tours, as well as for those preferring less physically demanding activities.

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