Classes offered - scheduled and private classes

We offer a range of classes to suit all levels of knowledge from the complete beginner to serious Japanese food enthusiasts. We would be pleased to customise our classes to cater for your specific requirements, so please ask!


  • Country-style traditional meal courses: from vegetables and tofu to seafood and meat

  • Traditional fermentation: miso and koji-fermentation, fermented tsukemono (pickles), fermented marinades for meat and seafood, and more

  • Preserving and pickling: tsukemono (pickles), semi-dried vegetables, fruits and seafood 

  • Japanese desserts and snacks: mochi, kanten (agar jelly), dumplings, bean desserts, sweet pastes for filling and topping, and more

  • Ingredients in traditional Japanese cooking: from rice, tofu and nori to yuba, konnyaku and kiriboshi-daikon 

  • Traditional food preparation techniques: using Japanese-style knives, pre-cooking preparation for vegetables, seafood and meat, traditional cooking methods

  • Party and entertaining ideas with a Japanese touch: vegetarian barbecue skewers, canapé and entrée, salad and cold vegetable dishes, filled savoury dumplings, desserts, and more

  • Safe, healthy and no-waste Japanese cooking: sourcing quality ingredients (shopping guide), transforming 'scraps' and 'left-overs', the Japanese 'bushtucker' tradition and foraging, menus for a healthy balance

  • History and philosophy of Japanese cuisine: prehistoric origins, influences, environmental context, beliefs and spirituality, and more

Classes range from 3-hour short courses to a full-day masterclass. Class size is usually limited to a maximum of 8 to 10 attendees for a personalised experience. A minimum class size applies to courses held at some venues. Class costs vary according to the venue, class size and class content. Fees range from $90 to $180 per person for a group class at a public venue. Please use the enquiry form via the button below, or e-mail for further information.


Why not consider our Gift Voucher as a present for your 'foodie' family members or friends? Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue and can be used for our food education classes (scheduled or private, public venue or home), as well as for our tours and other services. Please use the enquiry form on this webpage, or e-mail for further information.

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