Our travel services

Guided tours

Our pre-packaged guided tours offer a deeper and more meaningful travel experience that other tour operators cannot provide. Each tour focuses on a region in Japan around a specific theme, so that your travel experiences will form a complete ‘story’ that links together the culture, history and natural environment of the region. Our tours focus on non-tourist areas for a truly authentic experience. Our tours are conducted in private and/or small groups of 4 to 6 persons for a personalised experience. You will be guided by a tour leader with expert knowledge of the region’s natural environment, history and culture. All featured destinations have been personally ‘roadtested’ by our tour leader. We support private, family-run and community-run accommodation and businesses so that our tours directly benefit the local community. We uphold responsible tourism by relying on public transport, supporting environmentally conscious businesses, and employing low-footprint practices. Go to list of guided tour itineraries

We would also be pleased to customise your own itinerary for guided tours in our featured regions and several other regions. Customised tours may be between 5 to 14 days long. Please contact us via our e-mail enquiry form for further information.


If you would like to go your own way in regional Japan, we would be pleased to prepare a self-guided itinerary to meet your requirements. We have an extensive list of exciting destinations in regional Japan that have been personally ‘roadtested’ to create travel itineraries that are truly unique. Self-guided itineraries are on an ‘actual cost basis’, i.e. you pay your own travel costs during the course of your trip, or when you make your own booking based on our itinerary.

We provide detailed travel advice that are based on local knowledge accumulated over two decades of personal travels. We have access to information that are not easily available from mainstream travel advisory resources. We can also assist in enquiries and reservations to get around the issues of the language barrier or lack of online systems. Please note, however, that we are not a travel agency and cannot issue accommodation vouchers or transport tickets.

Our consultation fees for these services are time-based.

For further information, please contact us via our e-mail enquiry form.

Rural experiences

Through our established relationships with several communities in regional Japan, we offer you opportunities for experiencing everyday rural life through community-run accommodation and private farm-stay arrangements. Through your stay, you are directly supporting initiatives aimed at reviving regional communities that are facing major challenges from ageing, depopulation and economic decline. Several of our ‘Village Stay’ guided tour itineraries provide you with a taste of rural life over a period of several days. In some cases, we can assist in organising longer-term stays involving farm work experiences.


Go to list of ‘Village Stay’ guided tour itineraries. For further information, please contact us via our e-mail enquiry form.