Tour theme - village stays

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Traditional Japanese villages and country towns have a distinct charm that many international visitors simply fall in love with. Is it the rustic traditional architecture, the depth of history and culture that belies the unassuming façade, the myriad of serendipitous discoveries that await you, or the interactions with the down-to-earth locals? Whatever the reason, Japanese villages and country towns are sure to provide you with some of the most memorable experiences available to international travellers.

We have used our own personal relationships with communities in regional Japan to develop our ‘Village Stay’ range of guided tours. These tours place emphasis on multi-day stays generally in two to three villages and country towns, so that you can have ample time to explore the area and experience the traditional life that the locals still lead. The tours feature private or community-run accommodation in traditional Japanese houses of different styles, some of them 100 to 300 years old, where you will experience authentic traditional life and culture. The villages and towns are not those that have become dependent on tourism, unlike many of the ‘village’ destinations featured in commercial tours—an unfortunate consequence of the recent growth in mass tourism into regional Japan.

Our ‘Village Stay’ tours will provide you with the ultimate authentic Japanese experience at a measured pace. We firmly believe that the future of Japanese tourism lies in small-scale, low-footprint and meaningful rural tourism which does not create a dependency on mass tourism or detract from the regional character, fosters genuine interactions between the visitors and locals, and brings real benefits to the local community. By participating in our ‘Village Stay’ tours, you will be directly supporting individuals, families and communities in regional areas facing enormous challenges from aging, depopulation and economic decline. Make your next Japan travel experience something out of the ordinary, and a ‘win-win’ for everybody—so please join us!