Traditional Japanese cooking classes - Canberra region

From time-honoured 'superfood' traditions of rural Japan to innovative contemporary recipes... discover 'real' Japanese food

  • Broaden your Japanese cooking repertoire beyond the popular recipes, and explore home-style and country-style recipes that you would never see in restaurants

  • Get in-depth knowledge of common and unusual traditional Japanese ingredients, their health benefits, and how to use them with confidence

  • Discover the fascinating world of Japanese fermentation and preservation, and how you can apply the techniques to make use of seasonal produce and to boost flavours and textures in your cooking

  • Delve into the background and history of Japanese food culture, including some surprising ‘myth-busting’ insights

Our food education classes are run in the Canberra region. To maintain a COVID-safe environment, classes are offered as private classes for groups of family and/or friends of 1 to 4 persons. (No mixed public classes are offered until further notice.) Classes are held at our venue in the Woden area. We can also hold classes in your home kitchen for an additional charge. Click here for types of classes currently offered.

Our instructor is a fully bilingual Japanese–Australian with over 20 years of experience in researching Japanese culture, environment and history—and an earth scientist by training—with a particular passion for healthy, environmentally sustainable food traditions.