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Our story

We are a small, family-operated business based in Canberra, Australia. Our concept evolved from comments by our relatives, friends and acquaintances, who wished to travel in the ‘off the beaten track’ areas of Japan, but were deterred by the language barrier and a lack of local knowledge. Despite the growing number of international visitors to Japan, most regional areas away from the tourist trail currently have little non-Japanese information or signage.


We found it regrettable that many international visitors were prevented from enjoying the truly authentic cultural experiences and spectacular natural scenery of regional, non-tourist Japan.  We were concerned that many of the cultural experiences offered to visitors in tourist areas are ‘put on’ for tourists, and had lost their original context or authenticity. We were disturbed that the growth in visitor numbers were detracting from the atmosphere and scenic beauty of many destinations on the tourist trail. We were dismayed that many tours did not provide sufficient information to allow travellers to gain a deeper understanding of the Japanese culture, history and environment. At the same time, many regional areas in Japan, facing immense socio-economic challenges from population aging and decline, continue to miss out on the tourism boom.

We decided to change this situation. We offer authentic ‘locals only’ travel experiences that allows genuinely interested travellers to access ‘off the beaten track’ regional Japan, regardless of their language or local knowledge. Our tours focus on sights, accommodation and activities that are not in tourist areas so that you can enjoy your experience quietly and privately. We provide personally tested, pre-packaged tour itineraries and full tour guide services as an ‘off-the-shelf’ product, saving you the effort, stress and uncertainty of organising and running the trip yourself.


Our tour services are tried and tested, based on decades of personal travel experience in regional Japan, the Japanese-Australian cultural background of our tour leader, and our network of local connections in regional Japan. Our tour themes are based on our ongoing research interests in Japanese culture, prehistory and history, natural environment, and human-environment relationships, to make your travel experience more meaningful and educational. Our tours, wherever possible, directly support family and community-based providers and projects in regional Japan, so that those in most need receive the benefits of low-impact international tourism.

We genuinely hope that you enjoy your ‘off the beaten track’ regional Japan experience with us.

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