All prices and amounts are stated in Australian dollars (AUD). Purchase prices do NOT include the GST (Australia) or other taxes. GST will be added to your total payment amount where applicable at the time of invoicing.


Prices include, for the duration of your tour and as required for your tour Itinerary, all:

  • tour planning and guiding services

  • accommodation;

  • land and water transport;

  • standard-sized meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner);

  • admissions and charges for attractions and activities;

  • additional costs arising from modifications to the Itinerary we make;

  • information material and advice relevant to your tour



Prices do NOT include:

  • travel to the designated starting point of the tour;

  • travel from the designated end point of the tour;

  • transport additional to that scheduled and required for the tour;

  • admissions and charges for attractions and activities other than those scheduled for the tour;

  • food and drink additional to standard-sized meals;

  • insurance;

  • costs associated with passports and visas, telecommunications, laundry, personal shopping and entertainment, medical supplies and services, excess baggage charges, fines and penalties, and emergency or medical evacuation.

As the standard inclusions vary between tours, please refer to the information for each tour on our Website, and in your Contract, on what the prices include.


A Deposit is required to secure your tour reservation within seven (7) days of the date of signing of a Contract by you, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. The amount of Deposit required depends on the tour and services requested.


The Final Payment, comprising the outstanding balance of the total payment amount after the payment of your Deposit, is due thirty (30) days prior to the tour departure date, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED. Some tours, late reservations, and certain Payment Plans may have a different designated Final Payment Date.


If we do not receive your Final Payment before, or on, the Final Payment Date, we will the cancel your reservation and you will forfeit your Deposit.


No reservations can be made within thirty (30) days of a tour departure date, UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED.

All our Products and Services are subject to availability, and we reserve the right to modify your tour reservation, Itinerary and components (e.g. accommodation, activities) at any time. These modifications may result in amendments to the prices and amounts we originally advertised or quoted to you. Amendments in prices and amounts may also occur if there are fluctuations in foreign currency exchange rates beyond reasonable levels. We will notify in writing to you any amendments to prices and amounts that occur after you have signed your Contract. If you do not agree to these amendments, you may cancel your reservation up to thirty (30) days before the scheduled tour departure date and we will refund you in full your Deposit and any other payments made by you to us up to the time of receipt of your cancellation in writing. Cancellations within thirty (30) days of the scheduled tour departure date, regardless of circumstances, will be subject to our standard cancellation policy (see ‘Cancellation and Termination’).