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Food with meaning: 'osechi' the Japanese New Year cuisine

‘Osechi-ryōri’ or simply ‘osechi’ is a special type of Japanese food prepared for the New Year celebrations. It is an assortment of colourful and contrasting dishes, each symbolising a particular kind of wish for the new year. The custom originated around the Heian Period (8th to 12th centuries) through a fusion of ancient Japanese agrarian ceremonies with the traditional Chinese seasonal calendar based on the concepts of yin yang and wu xing.

Osechi can be time-consuming to prepare. Traditionally, the family gets together to start preparing a week or more before...


Japanese cooking and fermentation classes in Canberra, during January 2020


Back by popular demand, a series of Japanese cooking and fermentation classes will be held in Canberra during December and January. Learn regional Japanese summer recipes you won't find in mainstream cooking classes. Explore traditional Japanese fermentation techniques and make your own tsukemono pickles and miso. Get tips on how to shop for healthy and quality Japanese ingredients...


Experience Japan in your own way during 2020... and away from the Olympics crowds

With the Tokyo Olympics being held in July and August, 2020 is set to break all records in terms of visitor numbers to Japan. The positive economic effect of this tourism boom, however, will also be accompanied by crowding at mainstream tourist destinations within Japan. The good news is that you can still have an authentic Japanese experience well away from the tourist crowds in many regional and rural areas...

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