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A Japanese-inspired subtropical garden in Sydney... actually the garden I designed for my parents!

We are pleased to launch a brand-new section to the Deeply Regional Japan website dedicated to our garden design services at

A classic Japanese 'roji' garden in suburban Melbourne using Japanese and non-Japanese plants

Garden design has been a personal passion of mine (Riko) for over 20 years, inspired by the ancient Japanese garden and ecological farming traditions. It is my belief that the concept behind the design is what is most important, apart from the visual appearance of a garden. As a result, my garden designs are not about faithfully recreating a traditional Japanese garden in Australia (though I can do this too), but adapting Japanese concepts to Australian lifestyles and environment. I am particularly keen to use Australian natives and other non-Japanese plants that are better adapted to our often unpredictable climate, but at same time provide the aesthetic effects that plants traditionally used in Japan achieve within the design. With an increasing number of Australians living in smaller urban properties, my designs also draw on the centuries-old Japanese tradition of courtyard and temple gardens, where careful composition and plant selection transform small spaces into what could be described as an oasis and a painting combined. Inspired by the farmhouse gardens of the Japanese countryside, mixed edible-ornamental designs are another favourite of mine—providing you with fresh seasonal produce and aesthetic effects at the same time.

A mixed edible-ornamental garden in Canberra inspired by Japanese farmhouse gardens

A well-designed garden should have a positive effect on your senses, result in a low environmental footprint, and strike balance between aesthetics and functionality. Please visit for a photo portfolio of my previously completed design projects. Whether it’s a brand-new garden to construct from scratch, breathing new life into an established garden, or simply providing advice on designs, plant selection and maintenance, no job is too small for us. We also provide some of our services remotely. Please contact us via the enquiry form at the bottom of the webpage if we can be part of your garden journey...

A Japanese garden of Australian native and other dry-climate plants in Canberra



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