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We are very pleased to announce that Deeply Regional Japan’s online shop for traditional Japanese craft items is now open. Thank you for your patience in the lead up to the launch, which was delayed at the last minute. The store currently offers a range of ceramic items, together with a selection of urushi lacquerware, hand-beaten steel products, and organic cotton towels Over the coming months, our product range will grow to include textile items.

Our products are mostly handcrafted by artisans in regional and rural areas of Japan that are facing immense challenges. We hand-pick and direct-source our products from these artisans, and your purchase will assist in keeping the craft traditions alive. Many items are one-off creations and are truly unique. In the coming weeks, we will upload information so that you can explore the fascinating history of craft traditions and the personal journeys of artisans we are proud to bring to you. (We have posted a couple of blogs on our website as an example.)

So, please enjoy a browse in our online shop. We hope that you will find the perfect Christmas gift with a difference for someone special... or for yourself of course! Thank you very much for your support.



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