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Japanese country-style summer menu: vegetarian

Demo-style classes $90:

Friday 20 December 2019, 6:30pm–9:30pm 

Saturday 21 December 2019, 2:00pm–5:00pm

Sunday 19 January 2020, 2:00pm–5:00pm

Private classes with full instruction $140: 

please enquire for availability

Class description: With some 1400 years of Buddhist influence, the Japanese cuisine offers a huge variety of vegetarian dishes, many of which are little known outside of Japan. Discover how to transform bland ingredients such as tofu into tasty and textural delights. Learn traditional flavouring and preparation techniques to bring out the best in your local seasonal produce. Prepare a completely vegetarian nigiri-style sushi platter with toppings that you would not imagine! The class focuses on refreshing dishes that can be enjoyed chilled in hot weather.

Example menu: 

Gourmet vegetarian nigiri-style sushi

Escabèche-style koya-dofu (dried tofu) and vegetables

Kinpira: sautéed root vegetables and kon’nyaku in sweet soy-sesame

Seasonal vegetable salad dressed in sesame and miso paste

Capacity: 8

Price: $90 (scheduled public classes, demo-style), $140 (on-demand private classes, full instruction). Discounts apply for bookings of 3 or more persons, enrolment in 2 or more classes, and those officially eligible for educational discounts or concession... please enquire at time of enrolment.

Speaker: Riko Hashimoto

Location: Torrens ACT 2607 (we will advise you of the venue location at the time of booking)

Includes: demos with step-by-step instructions for at least 3 dishes, recipes and class notes (hardcopy and digital copy via e-mail)

Bring: note-taking materials (e.g. pen, paper, tablet), camera (optional)

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