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Miso, koji and nuka fermentation: for flavour and health

Demo-style classes $90:

Friday 24 January 2020, 6:30pm–9:30pm 

Private classes with full instruction $140: 

please enquire for availability

Class description: Enter the wonderland of fermenting with koji, the 'national microbe' of Japan used in many foods such as miso, soy sauce and sake. Learn to ferment with koji and nuka (rice bran) for your well-being and amazing flavour effects. Make your own supply of miso that will last for months. Use koji to marinate meats, seafood and vegetables and enhance the umami flavours in your ingredients. Discover the magic of nuka fermentation, and learn how to set up your own nukadoko (fermentation bed) for quick and handy pickling and marinating.

Example menu: 

Home-made miso (using azuki beans for expediency)

Koji-based marinades (e.g. shio-koji)

Amazake (koji-fermented sweet rice syrup)

Nuka pickling (instructions on setting up your nukadoko)

Capacity: 8

Price: $90 (scheduled public classes, demo-style), $140 (on-demand private classes, full instruction). Discounts apply for bookings of 3 or more persons, enrolment in 2 or more classes (fermentation and/or cooking series), and those officially eligible for educational discounts or concession... please enquire at time of enrolment.

Speaker: Riko Hashimoto

Location: Torrens ACT 2607 (we will advise you of the venue location at the time of booking)

Includes: demos with step-by-step instructions, recipes and class notes (hardcopy and digital copy via e-mail)

Bring: note-taking materials (e.g. pen, paper, tablet), camera (optional)

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