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Are our tours for you?

Our tours are perfect for you if:

  • You like to travel in small groups of family or friends with your personal, expert tour guide.

  • You seek an unconventional travel experience off the main tourist trail.

  • You support responsible tourism that directly benefits local communities and fosters environmental sustainability.

  • You seek a deeper understanding of the culture, (pre)history and environment, beyond the level of explanation provided in conventional tours.

  • You enjoy walking (or cycling) in regional towns, villages, countryside and mountain wilderness.

  • You like to experience regional culture and traditions in their true, living context.

  • You enjoy interactions with the ordinary Japanese away from cities and tourist areas.

  • You are culturally adaptable and of reasonable fitness.


Our tours may not meet your needs if:

  • You would like to visit the well-known tourist sights of Japan—our tours include a few mainstream destinations but we specialise in destinations off the tourist trail.

  • You have a low level of fitness, cannot walk unassisted, or cannot carry your own luggage—for a truly ‘local’ experience and to minimise our environmental footprint, our tours are largely based on walking and public transport. Our walking and trekking tours can be physically strenuous. Please note that most of regional Japan is not barrier-free.

  • You are culturally not adventurous—our tours focus on less modernised areas of Japan where the food, customs and accommodation may cause an unpleasant ‘culture shock’ for those not accustomed to the culture.

  • You cannot tolerate Japanese food or have very restrictive dietary requirements—regional Japanese cuisine uses a diverse range of ingredients. Although we will strive to meet your dietary requirements wherever possible, we cannot guarantee that the food offered on our tours will always meet individual requirements. 

  • You are looking for a luxury holiday—to experience genuine culture in regional Japan, you will be required at times to stay in simple accommodation and enjoy rustic food. We are confident, however, that you will find the services offered on our tours high quality, and your travel experience truly special.

  • You would like us to organise your flights, or your travel requirements outside of your tour with us—we are not a travel agency and cannot organise transport and accommodation other than those required during your tour with us.

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