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Tour details - Western San'in Coastal Life & Gourmet


  • Explore the coastal towns and villages of the beautiful western San’in coast facing the Sea of Japan, with their relaxed pace of life that belies their colourful historic past

  • Lose yourself in historic Hagi, the regional port significant in the transformation of Japan as a modern Westernised nation from the 19th century

  • Unwind in private and family-run traditional accommodation with coastal views and enjoy a feast of local seafood specialities fresh out of the ocean

  • Weather permitting, take a short cruise in a fisherman’s boat to admire the beautiful coastal scenery

  • Enjoy strolling around a small offshore island where village life continues as it has for centuries

  • Rejuvenate yourself with an onsen soak at a traditional ryokan in a quiet coastal town, and be captivated by the drama of a sacred theatrical dance depicting scenes from the ancient Japanese mythology at a local shrine

  • Visit small pottery studios, marvel at the variety of individual styles in the artisans’ creations, and delve into the fascinating history of regional ceramic traditions

  • Uncover the long history of mining in the San’in region at the UNESCO World Heritage Iwami-Ginzan Silver Mines and learn how one of the largest mining operations of the world of the day could harmoniously coexist with the environment

  • Take a day-walk along one of the historic trails connecting Iwami-Ginzan with the coast and imagine the hardships of manually hauling silver ore over the densely forested coastal ranges to port, or discover the intriguing mining history of the Iwami-Ginzan area through one and a half days of easy cycling

An itinerary that focuses on a little-known and scenic coastal region of western Japan, with an emphasis on exploring small towns and villages at a measured pace. You will enjoy a range of accommodation styles including several ‘village-stay’ type accommodation in private houses and a traditional onsen ryokan, and the freshest local seafood daily including regional specialities not offered in other regions of Japan.  Delve into the varied and colourful regional history by taking walks (cycling option available at one locality) through picturesque towns, villages and rural areas, including an option to day-walk a historic trail over coastal ranges in the Iwami-Ginzan Silver Mine area. Observe daily life on a small offshore island and enjoy interactions with the friendly villagers. Learn about the region’s renowned ceramic traditions through visits to small artisan studios. Through your participation in this tour, you will be directly supporting small, family-run businesses that uphold regional food and craft traditions.


MAIN DESTINATIONS COVERED: Hagi, Yunotsu-Onsen, Iwami-Ginzan (Omori), Oda


TOUR LENGTH: 8 days (7 nights)


MAXIMUM NUMBER OF PERSONS: 4 (up to 6 with modified itinerary)


SEASON: mid-May to mid-June, late October to early December, late February to late March (weather and snow conditions permitting—cycling may not be available in winter)


BOOKINGS CLOSE: 90 days before agreed departure date


START LOCATION: JR Shin-Yamaguchi Station, Yamaguchi Prefecture [MAP]


END LOCATION: JR Hiroshima Station [MAP]


FITNESS LEVEL: moderate (moderate–high if undertaking the Iwami-Ginzan historic trail day-walk)


CULTURAL TOLERANCE: high (must be able to sleep on traditional futon bedding on at least 5 nights; must be able to sleep in a traditional open-plan room with up to 4 persons on 2 nights; must be able to enjoy traditional Japanese coastal cuisine featuring raw and cooked seafood on a daily basis)


COST: from AUD $3500/person (4 persons) to $4800/person (2 persons), including ALL ground transport, accommodation, meals, tour guiding, fees and charges

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