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Japanese country-style cooking masterclass (winter version)

Saturday 18 May 2019, 10:30am–5:00pm 


A whole-day class for those wishing to understand the Japanese food tradition in depth, and learn home-style Japanese regional winter recipes that you won't see in restaurants. Through a series of demos and hands-on lessons, you will discover a range of traditional Japanese ingredients and how to use them, while exploring the fascinating cultural, historic and environmental context behind the dishes. Learn how to make the perfect dashi brimming with umami, and use it in classic winter warmers such as nabemono (hotpots) and vegetable dishes. Make rustic savoury mochi and dumplings, eye-feasting New Year specialities, and traditional Japanese sweets. Includes a simple country-style lunch based on historic records of the 18th-century rural diet, to gain a historic perspective on traditional Japanese food. Bring along food containers if you wish to take home the culinary creations prepared during class. 


Some of the recipes featured:

KONBU–KATSUO DASHI stock, KIRITAMPO NABE (grilled rice-cake and chicken hotpot), EGGPLANT NIBITASHI (fried, dashi-soaked eggplant), PERSIMMON SHIRA-AE (persimmon salad in sesame and tofu dressing), OYAKI (Nagano-style filled dumplings), MITARASHI-DANGO (grilled mochi ball skewers with sweet and salty glaze), DATEMAKI (New Year omelette roll), KOHAKU-NAMASU (daikon and carrot salad with rice vinegar dressing), DAIFUKU-MOCHI (filled soft mochi dessert), KENPIN (18th-century walnut and sesame pancakes). Please note that the recipes and techniques listed here may be subject to change without notice. Vegetarian options available for some recipes—please enquire at the time of booking.

Start Time: 10:30 am Sat 18-05-2019

Finish Time: 5:00pm Sat 18-05-2019

Capacity: 10

Price: $320 

Speaker: Riko Hashimoto

Location: Cuppacumbalong Homestead, 21 Naas Rd, Tharwa ACT 2620 Australia [MAP]

Includes: course notes, all food items for cooking lessons, use of kitchen facilities and utensils, lunch 

Bring: apron, protective footwear, note-taking materials (e.g. pen, paper, tablet, laptop), camera (optional), sealable food containers (for taking home the food you make)

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