Traditional Japanese cooking classes - Canberra region

Discover with us the world of ‘real’ Japanese food—an eco-friendly ‘superfood’ tradition with over 15,000 years of history

  • Do you love to cook Japanese and want to explore recipes beyond tempura, teriyaki and ramen noodles?

  • Do you wish you could shop with confidence for good-quality Japanese ingredients and transform them into delicious food?

  • Do you want to discover what the Japanese really eat at home, away from restaurants and tourist areas?

  • Do you yearn to create excitingly different meals that are healthy and minimise food wastage?

  • Do you love experimenting with fermentation and want to venture beyond kefir and sauerkraut?


Our classes will introduce you to traditional Japanese ingredients, common and unusual, and their health benefits. We guide you step-by-step to transform locally available ingredients into delicious, healthy and excitingly different meals. We specialise in home-style recipes from regional Japan, many of which you will not experience in a restaurant. You will receive practical tips on shopping for Japanese food in Australia, so that you can confidently select healthy, safe and quality ingredients. You will master how to transform seemingly mundane ingredients (tofu is a classic example!) into tasty and interesting dishes. You will be introduced to the fascinating world of Japanese fermented foods, and how you can apply fermentation techniques to Japanese and other cooking styles for an incredible flavour kick and health benefits.You will also gain a deeper understanding of the background and history of Japanese food culture, including some surprising ‘myth-busting’ insights.


Our food education classes are run in the Canberra region. Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, classes are currently offered as private classes for groups of family and/or friends of 1 to 4 persons. (No mixed public classes are offered until further notice.) Classes are held in your own home kitchen, or at our venue in the Woden area. Click here for types of classes currently offered.

Our instructor is a fully bilingual Japanese–Australian with over 20 years of experience in researching Japanese culture, environment and history—and an earth scientist by training—with a particular passion for healthy, environmentally sustainable food traditions.


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