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Tour details - Hokuriku Crafts & Gourmet


  • Discover the time-honoured craft traditions of the Hokuriku region, including handmade paper, lacquerware and ceramics, watch the artisans in action in their workshops, and delve into the ins and outs of these traditions at regional museums

  • Stay in a private 19th-century house in an atmospheric village and enjoy a tea-ceremony style dinner—the origin of the celebrated Kaiseki (Japanese degustation) cuisine dating back to the 16th century— by candlelight served on locally crafted lacquerware

  • Explore the diverse food culture of the Hokuriku region—among the most ancient and authentic forms of the Japanese cuisine and featuring a number of health-giving fermented foods—through visits to artisan food workshops (slow-fermented miso, konbu seaweed, decorative fish-cakes) in a coastal fishing town and Kanazawa’s popular Omicho markets

  • Stay in an 18th-century former manor of a wealthy farming family in a picturesque country village, now maintained as a community-run accommodation facility (May–October only)

  • Savour a number of local specialities including the Echizen oroshi-soba (buckwheat noodles topped with daikon puree) and Kabura-zushi (sushi of yellowtail fillets and sliced turnip cured by fermentation)

  • Explore the world-renowned sights of Kanazawa, Hokuriku’s historic and refined cultural capital, including the Kenrokuen gardens and the Nagamachi Samurai residence district

A short, introductory itinerary that focuses on the diverse craft traditions and food culture of the Hokuriku region on the Sea of Japan coast of central Japan. Experiences include easy-grade walking in country villages and a coastal town, visiting food and craft artisans’ workshops and small regional museums, and one day of mainstream tourism visiting the famous attractions of historic Kanazawa. Enjoy a diverse range of accommodation styles that includes private and community-run accommodation in historic traditional houses and mid-range Western-style hotels. Through your participation in this tour, you will be directly supporting community-based initiatives aimed at revitalising declining regional areas and preserving architectural heritage, artisans dedicated to preserving craft traditions into the future, and environmentally and health-conscious family-run businesses that uphold regional food traditions.


MAIN DESTINATIONS COVERED: Kanazawa, Kurobe, Echizen, Sabae


TOUR LENGTH: 7 days (6 nights)




SEASON: mid-May to late June, late October to mid-December, late February to late March


BOOKINGS CLOSE: 90 days before agreed departure date


START LOCATION: JR Kanazawa Station [MAP]


END LOCATION: JR Kanazawa Station [MAP]




CULTURAL TOLERANCE: moderate (must be able to sleep on traditional futon bedding on at least 3 nights)


COST: from AUD $3100/person (5 persons) to $4800/person (2 persons), including ALL ground transport, accommodation, meals, tour guiding, fees and charges

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