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Japan Alps Autumn Trek & Historic Trail

  • Discover Japan’s world-class alpine landscapes in their autumn glory on a 3-day wilderness trek

  • Stay in mountain-top lodges and absorb the spectacular panorama, sunsets and sunrises

  • Walk sections of a historic trail in the alpine foothills and stay in picture-perfect country villages

  • Experience traditional everyday village life, including local cuisine and crafts, during a stay in a historic farmhouse

  • Enjoy an uplifting one-day cycle tour of the foothill plains, learning about wasabi growing, visiting rustic country shrines, and discovering arts and crafts


The Japan Alps are home to the highest peaks of Japan outside of Mt Fuji. Chiselled snow-capped peaks over 3000 m, windswept ridges commanding panoramic views, luxuriant temperate and subarctic forests, and deep gorges cut by rushing streams are some of the spectacular landscapes in the Alps that can be truly appreciated only through multi-day wilderness hikes. This non-technical, moderate to hard-grade, trekking-based tour will give you a taste of Japan’s world-class alpine scenery that is little known outside the country. A full-day cycle tour through the agrarian landscapes of the Azumino Plains, with its fascinating history, arts, crafts and food culture, will precede the alpine trek as a ‘warm-up’. Three days of historic trail walking along sections of the Salt Road, an ancient trade route in the Alps foothills, will follow the alpine trek, during which you will be treated to picturesque rural scenery framed by the Alps. Two nights in a picture-perfect foothill village will allow you to immerse yourself in everyday Japanese rural life and interact with the villagers, including opportunities to learn about the local cuisine and crafts.


Day 1: Travel Tōkyō– Azumino, onsen relaxation;

Day 2: Azumino Plains country cycling;

Day 3: travel to trailhead, Japan Alps panorama trek Part 1 (Front Range ascent, mainly forested terrain);

Day 4: Japan Alps panorama trek Part 2 (Front Range traverse, mainly alpine terrain);

Day 5: Japan Alps panorama trek Part 3 (descent and Kamikōchi valley forest hiking), travel Kamikōchi–Matsumoto;

Day 6: Matsumoto Castle, travel Matsumoto–Ōmachi, Salt Road historic trail walk Part 1 (Salt Road Museum, Lake Kizaki);

Day 7: travel Ōmachi–Hakuba, Salt Road historic trail walk Part 2 (Hakuba area, rural scenery and alpine views);

Day 8: Salt Road historic trail walk Part 3 (Hakuba and northern areas, original foot track sections, historic lodging and checkpoint sites);

Day 9: Alpine foothill village stay and traditional country life experience;

Day 10: travel Otari–Nagano, end of tour.


Accommodation: 2 nights Japanese-style alpine lodges (shared facilities, no bath; Japanese-style bedding); 2 nights mid-range ryokan (Japanese-style bedding; onsen bath), 2 nights minshukus (shared facilities; Japanese-style bedding); 2 nights traditional Japanese country house (private rental; Japanese-style bedding); 1 night mid-range city hotel




Physical fitness requirement: VERY HIGH


Cultural tolerance requirement: VERY HIGH


Departure date: 9 October 2018


Bookings before: 21 July 2018


Cost: from AUD $4200­ per person


Maximum group size: 6 persons

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