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Tour details - Japan Alps Foothills Walk & Cycle



  • Walk sections of a historic trail in the beautiful foothills of Japan Alps and stay in traditional family- and community-run accommodation in picture-perfect non-tourist country villages

  • Experience everyday life in a hill village—learn rustic country recipes and/or traditional cloth sandal making from the villagers, during a stay in a community-run accommodation in a lovingly restored 19th-century historic farmhouse

  • Enjoy an uplifting day of cycling on the foothill plains, learning about wasabi growing, visiting rustic country shrines, discovering arts and traditional crafts, and savouring local specialities such as the renowned Shinshu soba noodles or buckwheat galette

  • Take an easy walk through beautiful temperate woodlands to lookouts affording spectacular views of the Japan Alps that only the locals know

  • Explore the diverse food culture of the Hokuriku region—among the most ancient and authentic forms of the Japanese cuisine and featuring a number of health-giving fermented foods—through visits to artisan food workshops (slow-fermented miso, konbu seaweed, decorative fish-cakes) in a coastal fishing town and Kanazawa’s popular Omicho markets

  • Explore the world-renowned sights of Kanazawa, Hokuriku’s historic and refined cultural capital, including the Kenrokuen gardens and the Nagamachi Samurai residence district

For those preferring an easier option to alpine trekking, this predominantly walking-based itinerary provides you with a taste of the landscapes and country life in the picturesque foothills of Northern Japan Alps. Your travel experiences centre on the ‘Salt Road’, an ancient trading route of prehistoric origin running along the alpine foothills named after one of the main commodities carried along the route. The itinerary provides you with an exciting variety of easy-grade activities including walks along country roads in the Arcadian scenery framed by the Japan Alps, retracing history on cobblestone trails dotted with ancient country shrines and monuments, woodland walks with spectacular alpine views, and cycling on the Azumino Plains to explore galleries, local cuisine and history. You will be staying in several non-tourist villages for an authentic experience of rural life in the Japan Alps foothills, including beautifully restored traditional country houses. The finale to your tour will be in the Hokuriku region on the Sea of Japan seaboard, for an exploration of its fascinating foods and culture, including the world-famous sights of Kanazawa.

MAIN DESTINATIONS COVERED: Azumino, Omachi, Hakuba and Otari areas (Nagano Prefecture), Kurobe (Toyama Prefecture), Kanazawa


TOUR LENGTH: 10 days (9 nights)




SEASON: mid-May to mid-July, mid- to late October


BOOKINGS CLOSE: 120 days before agreed departure date


START LOCATION: JR Shinjuku Station, Tokyo [MAP]


END LOCATION: JR Kanazawa Station [MAP]




CULTURAL TOLERANCE: high (must be able to sleep on traditional futon bedding on 8 nights)


COST: from AUD $3600/person (5 persons) to $5500/person (2 persons) including ALL ground transport, accommodation, meals, tour guiding, fees and charges

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