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Japanese artisan food & culture tours

Discover ‘real’ Japanese food—the healthy traditional and contemporary cuisines of regional and rural Japan...

Join us and explore regional and rural Japan, where healthy food traditions continue to be a part of everyday life… where artisans handcraft food and tableware in small workshops using time-honoured methods, fresh local produce is prepared in country kitchens according to recipes passed down the generations, and ancient wisdom is nurturing innovative contemporary cuisines.


On our artisan food and culture tours, you can:

  • sample a variety of authentic traditional and contemporary Japanese regional cuisines

  • learn how foods such as soy sauce, miso and sake are made using age-old methods

  • stay in rural and coastal communities and see how the fresh local produce is grown, gathered and prepared

  • discover a wonderland of traditional ingredients in regional markets and the beautiful Japanese countryside

  • watch artisans handcraft exquisite kitchenware and tableware including ceramics, textiles, metal and woodwork

  • explore the connections between Japanese food culture, history and environment.

Our tours are fully guided in small groups of 8 persons or less. We focus on non-mainstream destinations in regional and rural areas of Japan where living traditions can be experienced in their everyday, non-tourist context. Our tour leader is a fully bilingual Japanese–Australian with over 20 years of experience in researching Japanese culture, environment and history—and an earth scientist by training—with a particular passion for healthy, environmentally sustainable food traditions. Find out more via our food tours webpage.

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Why not consider our Gift Voucher as a present for your 'foodie' family members or friends? Vouchers are valid for 3 years from the date of issue and can be used for our tours, food education classes (scheduled or private, public venue or home), and other services. Please use the enquiry form on this webpage, or e-mail for further information.

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