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Going on a ski holiday to Japan in early 2020? Why not turn it into the ultimate cultural experience?

by Takehiko 'Riko' Hashimoto, 1 May 2019

Scenes from winter festivals in regional towns of Tohoku

Many Australians choose Japan for their skiing holiday. Such trips often include some contact with traditional Japanese culture, as skiing areas are typically located in regional and rural areas of Japan where age-old traditions remain a part of everyday life. However, all too often, I have heard cases of ski travellers missing out on great cultural experiences in the Japanese countryside that would have been easily accessible to them, due to a lack of local knowledge and the language barrier. For example, think of all those winter festivals (other than the internationally renowned Sapporo Snow Festival) in regional towns of northern and central Japan, or the early spring blossoms and festivities in the mild climates of the south while most of Japan remains gripped in the rigours of winter... much of which remain unknown to the mainstream tourists. 


Late February in the Kyushu countryside


Antique dolls on display for the 'Hina' festival in early March

Our tours provide you with the best of the Japanese winter experience that only the locals know about, away from the ski slopes and tourist crowds… and in regional and rural areas that truly benefit from the positive effects of low-impact tourism. Here is the first instalment of what you could be doing to turn your next Japanese ski holiday next February into a memorable cultural experience that is uniquely your own:

These tours only happen ONCE A YEAR, so don’t miss out on our 2020 season! More winter tour suggestions to come, so watch this space! 

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