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Southern Hokuriku Food & Crafts Insider

  • Explore time-honoured coastal food traditions little known outside of Japan, including health-giving fermented foods, and understand the roots of Japanese cuisine

  • Learn about diverse regional craft traditions including lacquerware, traditional paper and ceramics, and observe first-hand artisans at work

  • Absorb the old-world charm of historic towns and villages, and immerse in spirituality at ancient country temples and shrines

  • Visit a prehistory museum to delve into the origins of Japanese culture including food and craft traditions


The Hokuriku region is situated at the geographic and cultural crossroads of central Japan, with diverse traditions that have developed over centuries of trade and cultural exchange. The region is also one of the best areas to explore the origins of Japanese culture as a whole—the region’s archaeological sites have revealed that some traditions can be traced back to prehistoric times—while the local cuisine still preserves the original forms of modern-day favourites such as the sushi. This tour will focus on Fukui Prefecture in the southern Hokuriku region and adjoining areas. You will experience the diverse and unusual regional food traditions, visit private workshops to observe the amazing skills of artisans first-hand, and delve into the true origins of Japanese culture beyond the superficial. [N.B.  As the food traditions covered in this tour heavily focuses on seafood, tour participants MUST be able to tolerate (and enjoy) seafood.]


Day 1: Travel Kyōto–Nagahama, Nagahama historic town; Day 2: Lake Biwa and Chikubu Island temple; Wakasa medieval village; Days 3 to 5: Wakasa coastal food traditions, country temples cycling (half-day), prehistoric archaeology museum, coastal village feast; Day 6: Wakasa coastal village (food traditions), Sabae rural town experience (tea ceremony dinner); Day 7: Echizen lacquerware workshops, Takefu traditional paper-making village Day 8: Echizen Pottery Village, Kurobe historic country house stay; Day 9: Kurobe artisan food workshops, Kanazawa Kaga cuisine dinner; Day 10: End of tour after hotel check-out.


Accommodation: 3 nights mid-range city hotels, 3 nights minshuku (Japanese-style bedding, with 1 night shared public onsen bath), 1 night upper mid-range tourist-style hotel, 1 night boutique hotel (Japanese or Western-style bedding), 1 night traditional Japanese house (Japanese-style bedding)




Physical fitness requirement: MODERATE


Cultural tolerance requirement: HIGH


Departure date: 12 May 2018


Bookings before: 3 March 2018 [PLEASE NOTE REVISED DATE]


Cost: from AUD $4400­ per person


Maximum group size: 5 persons

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