IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Special Conditions for our tours in mountainous, alpine and wilderness areas

Some of our guided tours (e.g. treks) involve multi-day walking in rugged and remote terrain, at elevations of up to 3200 m, in potentially life-endangering conditions. The walking tracks commonly include steep, rocky, rubbly, swampy, slippery, icy or snow-covered sections. The tracks, in places, may be narrow, overgrown with vegetation, have sheer drop-offs on one side, or require some rock scrambling. You may be required to spend extended periods in full exposure to the weather, which may include extremely strong winds, rain, snow, thunder, and low temperatures. UV rays and glare may be intense. Altitude sickness may be an issue for some at higher elevations. At lower elevations, hot and humid conditions may cause exhaustion and heatstroke may be a possibility. 


To participate in these tours, you must be a fit and confident hiker who can walk for up to 15 km per day, and continuously for 3 km at a time, on moderate to steep gradients. You must be able to carry all your own gear (including food and water to be consumed along the way) required for the entire duration of the hike in a backpack that may typically weigh 10 kg or more. You must not suffer from existing health or psychological conditions (or have a high risk thereof) that compromises your fitness, mobility, endurance, coordination, navigation skills or decision making, including, but not limited to, conditions affecting your heart, blood pressure, brain, nervous system, breathing, movement of your limbs, neck and the back, eyesight and hearing. By signing the Contract for your tour, you are declaring that you satisfy all health and fitness requirements for your tour.