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Eastern Nagano Alpine Trek & Prehistory

  • Delve into the amazing prehistoric Jōmon culture, the origin of the Japanese culture

  • Experience the environments of Jōmon people through an exhilarating 4-day alpine wilderness hike and a day-hike along cascades in a forested gorge

  • Discover a botanical treasure-trove including dazzling wild azaleas and mysterious moss forests

  • Explore history, spirituality, art and food in a foothill village


The volcanic ranges of eastern Nagano Prefecture are a treasure-trove of hiking opportunities to suit all tastes and fitness levels. Vast forest-clad slopes, rugged alpine peaks, fuming sulphur vents, rushing mountain cascades, and mirror-like lakes all contribute to a superb kaleidoscope of landscapes. This alpine-grade hiking tour will take you through some of the most spectacular scenery found in the region, focusing on the Yatsugatake Mountains in their late spring brilliance.  You will discover how this rich natural environment nurtured one of the most enduring prehistoric cultures of the world, and the fascinating relationship between prehistory and the Japanese culture as we know today.


Day 1: Travel Tōkyō–Hokuto (Yamanashi), Yatsugatake foothills village and archaeology walk; Day 2: Yatsugatake foothills village and archaeology walk, travel Hokuto–Kiyosato; Day 3: Southern Yatsugatake cascades walk; Day 4: Northern Yatsugatake lake and moss forest walk; Day 5: Yatsugatake alpine trek; Day 6: Yatsugatake alpine trek; Day 7: Yatsugatake alpine trek, Togariishi prehistoric site, travel to Matsumoto; Day 8: Matsumoto Castle and town walk, travel from Matsumoto to your onward destination.

Accommodation: 3 nights Japanese-style alpine lodges (shared, basic facilities; Japanese-style bedding); 2 nights traditional Japanese country house (private rental; Japanese-style bedding); 1 night mid-range ryokan (Japanese-style bedding; onsen bath); 1 night mid-range city hotel (Western-style bedding)




Physical fitness requirement: VERY HIGH


Cultural tolerance requirement: VERY HIGH


Departure date: 4 June 2018


Bookings before: 5 April 2018


Cost: from AUD $4000­ per person


Maximum group size: 6 persons

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