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It come as a surprise to many that Japan has some of the longest coastlines in the world for a single nation. Surrounded on all sides by the sea and composed of numerous islands, Japan’s history and culture has been shaped by maritime influences since time immemorial. The Japanese expression that means ‘all over the nation’, or ‘tsuzu-uraura’, literally means ‘many ports and many coves’. Archaeological evidence shows that seafaring and maritime trade has been a Japanese tradition since prehistoric times. Most of the population and economic activity have been, and continues to be, concentrated in coastal areas. Japanese cuisine features possibly the widest variety of marine-derived ingredients of all food traditions. From the famous sushi and sashimi to the more subtle use of dried konbu and bonito flakes for dashi (stock), the Japanese have devised an incredible number of ways to use the bounties of the sea.

Much of the Japanese coastline has been modified through engineering and reclamation. However, sections of coast remain in regional areas, where the original beauty of the Japanese coastal landscapes can still be appreciated. Many fishing villages and port towns are strewn along the coast, where life continues at a relaxed pace as it has for centuries. The unassuming façade of these coastal settlements today often belie their dramatic past, which becomes apparent in the wealth of historic sites found around them. A long history of trade has left a rich cultural legacy in coastal areas of regional Japan, including craft and culinary traditions.

Coastal areas of regional Japan are largely off the mainstream international tourist trail. Opportunities to stay in ordinary coastal villages are often difficult to find without local knowledge. If you are after a Japan travel experience with a difference, we invite you to join one of our tours with the ‘coasts and seafood’ theme. Explore the diverse landscapes, history and traditions of coastal Japan, and feast on local seafood straight off the fishing boat. Our tours include opportunities for you to stay in private traditional accommodation in small coastal villages, where you can observe the locals in their everyday lives. Not a beach holiday, but so much else to experience—the coast of Japan awaits you.