Tour theme - traditional crafts

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Japan is a treasure-trove of traditional crafts, including textiles, ceramics, lacquerware, woodwork, bamboo and wickerwork, and metalcraft. Many of the traditions have ancient origins traceable back to prehistoric times and developed out of everyday necessities. Artisans devote their entire lives to mastering their skills, crafting each piece for perfection whether it is a rustic farmer's basket or an ornate lacquerware box. Japan's reputation in the modern world as a leader in high-tech industries is attributable to this age-old custom.


Many craft traditions still survive in regional Japan. Some traditions have, through innovation or modernisation, established a niche in today's consumer world. However, most craft traditions in Japan are currently at crossroads due to the aging of artisans, shortage of young trainees, and economic hardships. There is an insufficient recognition of the issue at the government level, despite the fact that traditional crafts have contributed immensely to the recent growth in international tourism to Japan. Many individual traditions are in real danger of becoming extinct over the next decades. 

We invite you to discover the wonderland of traditional crafts in regional Japan. We believe that international cultural exchange holds a key to the future survival of these traditions. By visiting artisans in their small family or community-run workshops on one of our fully guided tours, and by supporting them through purchases of craft items, you will be playing an important role in raising international awareness of Japan's craft traditions and the crisis they are currently facing.