Tour theme - treks & walks

Tour itineraries:

Japan is a true paradise for hikers and walkers. International visitors are beginning to discover the natural wonders of the nation with their unmatched diversity. From the vast subarctic wilderness of Hokkaido, rugged alpine peaks of central Japan, fuming volcanoes scattered across the country, to the lush subtropical forests of Okinawa, there is a hike to suit everybody’s tastes and fitness level. Many areas of natural beauty have long been on the mainstream tourist trail, e.g. Mt Fuji, Kamikochi, Kurobe–Tateyama Alpine Route, and Mt Aso to name a few, and can be accessed easily by public transport. During the peak season, these well-known destinations receive large numbers of visitors. In addition, there are numerous opportunities for country walks in picturesque rural areas of Japan, including historic trails. Of these, the Kiso Valley (Nakasendo Road) has gained phenomenal popularity with international visitors in recent times.

The sheer number of trails and country roads throughout Japan means that you can always find a hike or walk without the crowds to ‘get away from it all’. For the more active, there are multi-day alpine and wilderness treks that will reveal Japan’s true natural beauty that very few international visitors ever experience. For a more relaxing experience, there are many opportunities for quiet day-walks that only the locals know about, and easy country walks or cycling with frequent stops to take in the local sights and flavours.  

We invite you to experience Japan’s beautiful nature and countryside on foot. Whether you are after an adventure or relaxation, a trail awaits you somewhere in Japan. Our guided tours offer itineraries with moderate to hard-grade multi-day treks as well as easier day-walks, country walks and cycling. You will be guided by an experienced tour leader with expertise in Japan’s natural environment, history and culture. Join us for a Japan trekking and walking experience like none other.